American Thanksgiving Party

We want to thank our hosts Maria and Oscar Almeida for hosting our Thanksgiving Party!

Mr. Almeida prepared the traditional turkey meal. Everyone else brought dessert desserts. It was a huge success!

Special guest: BRAVO (Ashlie Kenyon, Gareth Heale and Kara)

Cheryl Hirokama spoke to the guests about Brunch for Love, a lunch at Brasserie Loup near the Louvre on November 30. Brunch for Love is a fundraising lunch by acclaimed chef Aaron Isip. He is preparing Filipino-inspired cuisine. More information:


The 2013 Summer Concert was a success!

We would like to thank our special guest artist, Candice Parise


and our hosts, Barbara and Michael Jordan.

Here’s a list of the performers and the songs they sang:

Candice Parise – “I’m Not Afraid” (Songs for a New World) – Candice was one of the Eurovision 2006 five top finalists. She also played the role of Esmeralada in the English production of Notre Dame de Paris.

Johanna Samuel and Jean-Jacques Lala – “All I Ask of You” (The Phantom of the Opera)


Ashlie Kenyon – “Woman” (Pirate Queen) – Ashlie has played the role of Eponine in Les Miserables


Cassidi Leigh Parker – “Losing Track of Time” (Summer of ’42)



Johana Louis-Muci – “Brand New You” (from the  musical “13”) – Johana played the role of Nala in The Lion King

Jonathan Rogez – “Giants in the Sky” (Into the Woods)

Tess Aubert and Thea Voyles – “The Lamest Place in the World” (from the  musical “13”)

Lena Townsley – “The Girl I Mean to Be” (The Secret Garden)

Morgan Almeida – “Memory” (Cats)

Tess Aubert and Leah Camarcat – “Journey to the Past” (Anastasia)

Anais Hachem – “I Could Have Danced All Night” (My Fair Lady)

Madeleine de Brabant – “Mama Who Bore Me” (Spring Awakening)

Lara Jordan – “Heigh-Ho! The Sunshine”

Laetitia Romestan – “Red” (song written by Taylor Swift)

Penelope Runel – “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”

Axel Delmas – piano

Idil Delmas – piano

Chiara Rolland – piano

Piano Accompaniment was provided by John Florencio